Starting School

IT’S AUTUMN OUTSIDE! What is with all this rain in June? It feels just like the start of autumn. And it's making me reminisce. Have you got a child starting school for the first time this September? .

This is my oldest baby. He’s six and a half. I went into his school earlier in the week to make teas and coffees for the new starter’s parents. I could so vividly remember how I felt being in their position. My baby, at the time attending nursery, and still in pull-up’s at night, and only recently upgraded from his toddler bed to a big boy bed, was now expected to put on a shirt and tie and show up for school every day. It felt too soon, even though he was “ready”. I felt almost cheated, because time had gone too quickly. How were we at school age already? It felt really daunting, and it felt like the end of his baby years, even though truthfully, they’d been over for at least two years, but nothing this big had ever presented itself to me for me to draw a big line under them. I talked to other mums in the room and asked if they were as nervous as me. Some were, but many joked that they were glad their child was off to school for six hours a day, just for the peace and quiet at home, and the end of expensive child care. I’ll admit it, I couldn’t connect with these mums at all, or understand the way they felt about this massive transition. Maybe I was a helicopter mum after all? Too attached to my baby boy and unwilling to allow him to grow? September rolled around and with excitement and trepidation, we walked to the school gates, and my husband and I proudly watched Sebastian Earl, (born at 12:25pm weighing 7lb 14oz) confidently stride into the classroom, officially a school boy. He didn’t look back. He didn’t cry. And more impressively, neither did I! 👏🏻 . There are inevitable tears from a few reception starters during those first few weeks. Not necessarily on the first day, as you’d imagine, but on week two, when the novelty has worn off, and the reality hits that this is a permanent change, and they have to do this five days a week for the rest of forever. But by the October half term, you’ll both wonder what on Earth you were ever worried about. #startingschool #wimbornemummies#dorsetmums #rollonseptember#receptionclass #bigschool #dorsetlife

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