When Should I Book a Newborn Photo Shoot?

It's a question I am asked very frequently, exactly when should I book my newborn photo shoot, and how old should the baby be? Newborn photography is extremely time sensitive. If you're hoping to achieve that sleepy, curled up, tiny newborn look in your photographs, and you'd like your photographer to change your sleepy baby into new blankets and lift them into lots of poses and props, you'll need to have the photographs taken within the first three weeks of your baby's life, and ideally, within the first 14 days. After this, your baby will stay awake for longer periods between feeds, and you'll notice that as their eyesight begins to improve, they'll be fascinated by bright lights and want to focus on new surroundings when they're taken out of the home. They'll also wake more easily when changed or moved whilst sleeping, so it's really critical to get your session booked in as soon as your baby is born, or as soon as you can, with everything else you'll have going on at that time!

When to Enquire

Please feel free to get in touch with me at any stage of your pregnancy. As long as I have the space, I'm always open to taking last minute bookings for those new parents who have only just thought about having professional baby photos taken and their baby is already here. Most parents get in touch with me after they've had their 12 or 20 week scan and have a clearer idea of their due date, and are starting to plan ahead. For obvious reasons, I do not book sessions for specific dates ahead of your baby's birth - only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date, and yours could come a week early or even two weeks late (although I really hope they don't keep you waiting that long!) Once you've got your due date, we can book you in for a 'due week'. It's important to pencil that date in, because I only take a certain number of 'due dates' in any one week. Once I've got four ladies due in the same week, I'll stop pencilling people in that week, so that I don't overbook myself.

So if your baby is due on the 1st of September, I'll pencil you in the diary for the week starting the 7th of September. Once your little one has arrived, you can just pop me a quick text and let me know the exciting news, and I'll fire back a list of dates and times for you to choose from based on my current availability.

What to do if your baby is older than 3 weeks

It's not the end of the world if you've missed that early newborn window. I've had clients with babies of 3 or 4 weeks old in the studio and things have worked out perfectly fine. So if your baby is a little over the 3 week mark, and you'd still like a set of professional newborn photos taken, please do get in touch. It can take a little longer to settle the baby down, and there are a few poses they might not want to go into, but we can work at their pace and we will be able to achieve some stunning images all the same. If your baby is nearing the one to two month mark, we might be able to capture some beautiful wide awake photos, although babies at this age are notoriously tricky to photograph, and you might like to invest in a sitter session instead, to capture your baby at around six months old.

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