Newborn Photography - Welcoming Baby William

I had the pleasure of photographing tiny baby William at my home studio this week. William is baby number four in his family, and much longed for by all of his older siblings. Clients often ask me why a newborn photo session takes up to three hours, which seems like a very long time. But William was a shining example of why it can take a while to get the shots we are after. This gorgeous little one was wide awake and unsettled for a good two hours during our session. We stopped regularly for top up feeds, cuddles and a break, but nothing made this little one happier than being in his mummy's arms, the safest and best place to be in the world for a new baby. But with perseverance and patience, we got there in the end.

Lots more to come in this set, as we managed a few set ups with William after he finally dropped off. I can't wait to edit the full gallery.

Newborn sessions are best carried out before your baby is two weeks old, but can be done up to four weeks if you've missed the window - they just tend to take a little longer as babies wake up a lot more after they've gone past 14 days old. If you or someone you know is looking for a newborn baby photographer in the Dorset area, please feel free to drop me a message. I'd be delighted to help!

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