Newborn Photography in Surrey - 5 day old baby Neve

Today I had the pure pleasure of photographing teeny tiny baby Neve as she turned 5 days old. Her newborn smell is enough to make me broody all over again, and I honestly wish they would invent smell-screen so that you could inhale this little beauty like I was able to all morning. It's almost edible. Anyway, I digress. Tale a look at this little angel. Isn't she adorable?

Squishy little newborn chins - there's just nothing scrummier. Neve came into the studio with her lovely mummy and daddy and her gorgeous big brother too. She was the perfect model, and slept like a baby (as a mother of two, I still struggle to use this term as I just don't know who could have invented it... babies tend not to sleep. Irony) for the entire shoot. She let me pose and cuddle her into position and barely made a sound. A perfect little angel.

I'm a big fan of neutral tones with newborn photography. Not that bright colours don't look awesome, because they do, But I just find that the classic tones are effortlessly beautiful. And I think they'll date more carefully, which is useful if you're planning to blow your images up and hang them proudly on your wall.

I love the image above. It's like she's sleeping on a fluffy cloud. Look at that perfect little pout. Makes me want to squeal! If you're thinking of having a newborn shoot with your newest addition, remember that the very best time to photograph your baby is within the first 10 days. This is when they're at their most sleepy and scrunched up in that adorable foetal position. Sessions take around two hours at the studio in Camberley.

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